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'We Were Liars'- E.Lockhart: Book Review!

Hi Guys,

Today I am going to be doing my 4th 'Zoella Book Club' Review! I am half way through all of the books: it is unbelievable! A lot of these reviews have been pre-written because I am such a fast reader so this post will be going up a month and a half from now; it feels so weird! (I'm just looking over this before it goes up and it still feels strange! I don't even remember what I've written!!)Before I get too dazzled, let's get on with the post!

As always, I will keep spoilers to a minimum!

'We Were Liars' focuses on Cadence Sinclair, a privileged all-American girl, who is spending the summer at her Granddad's private island. This one sentence pretty much sums up Cady! Also, she has a really tight bond with 'The Liars'  who are her cousins Johnny, Mirren and Gat. 
Johnny, Mirren and Cadence are all cousins who are carrying the Sinclair legacy; Gat is a friend of Johnny's who begins to fall in love with Cady. Their bonds are broken aft…

What's in my School Bag?

Hi Guys,

Today I'm back with a 'What's in my School Bag!' This is part of a back to school series that I have launched on my site: the first post was a Best Buys. That post featured a couple of the things that I will be speaking about today! I'm aware of how long this intro already is, so let's get straight into it!

First off in my bag is my planner. My school gives us all a planner at the beginning of the year which is great because it helps me keep organised. Everyone else uses theirs to doodle in but I always keep mine tidy. I spilt juice on it last year and almost had a melt down! If you don't get provided with a planner, Paperchase do some good ones.

Next is my pencil case. I spoke in a lot more detail about this in my previous post so follow the link at the top and you can find out all about it. Inside I've got pens, pencils, my ruler and a pink glue stick!

Also in my back pack is a notebook. I didn't have a specific school notebook last year; I r…

Back To School: Best Buys!

Hi Guys,

Welcome to the first post in my back to school series! This post will be all of my favourite bags, backpacks and books to get you in the mood for school. 


1) The first back pack is my personal favourite: it's the one I will be using in September. It was made by Vans - which means it's also super sturdy - so has one of their signature beautiful designs. One of my favourite features is the secret pocket which I will definitely be using to put my phone in!

2) My second choice is the 'Tan Pouch Shopper Bag' from Primark. It is huge! I was browsing through their website (which unfortunately you can't buy from) and found this! I love how it has a detachable gold purse;  sequins are definitely having a moment! I feel like this bag will be the perfect size for folders.

3)Finally I have the not-so classic Topshop back pack! I was on their website when I came across this metallic beauty! I'm not too sure about the size but if you are willing to use your locker a…

'Fangirl'- Rainbow Rowell: Book Review!

Hi Guys,

Today I will be giving you my third instalment in my 'Zoella Book Club Review' series! I have now made a full page dedicated solely to the series so if you have missed any please check that out. For now, let's get on with the review!

As always, I have tried to keep spoilers to a minimum!
Fangirl's main character is Cather Avery, a freshman at an American University. Her twin, Wren, has been seeking independence from Cath, and their joint Simon Snow obsession. The book is focused on Cath's 'college' experience; making friends with a fellow author, Nick; dealing with her new room mate Reagan; figuring out what to do without Wren; and discovering that she and Levi have a much closer connection than thought. 
I really enjoyed the plot. I thought it had plenty of strings but not so many that it gets confusing. I loved growing with Cath and her relationships because it made the book so much more engaging. I also liked how the 'boy meets girl' factor …

July Favourites!

Hi Guys,
I know that this post is two days late but I have been in Cornwall. I was still thinking of you all though; there will be holiday posts up as soon as possible. For now, let's get on with the favourites.( P.S sorry the font is so small, it kept glitching whenever I tried to make it bigger!)
Carly Christman- Her aesthetic is perfect. Carly has the best loft/apartment ever and it is so beautifully designed. I didn't even know her channel existed until about 3 months ago: now I am the biggest fan ever. I have literally been back through and watched all of her vlogs! Also, Instagram goals (need I say more)
Nakd bars- I honestly can't explain how amazing they are! I love chocolate as much as the next girl but these bars take my love to the next level! They have no sugar, are suitable for vegans and don't contain any gluten. I don't really mind what the ingredients are- as long as it tastes good- but Nakd is doing something right... they chocolate ones taste amazing…