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Whats in My Bag?

Hi Guys,

I hope you're all well! Before I go on, I've got a little announcement. My posts from the 23rd of July and the 30th of July have been moved to the 22nd of July and the  1st of August. After that, I will be open for any post suggestions! For now, lets get started! 

First off, my bag! I thought I would include a brief description of this; you can see what I'm using to store all of my stuff. It is by Mulberry and was a gift by one of my wonderful friends: I would never spend that much on myself! It is a sandy brown colour with one main pockets and two handy side pockets. Also, I really like the tassels! 

Next is my purse! When I took the pictures for this, I was about to go into town so I had to include my purse! It was £16 (I think!) from Accessorize in monsoon. It is navy blue suede;includes two coin purses; a separate space told hold your notes; and a lot of card holders. My only criticism would be that the note pocket is slightly too small so it bends the top of your money. The whole purse is super thin though so, in my opinion, it redeems itself!

I my front pocket I found a huge bottle of hand sanitiser. I bought it a couple of months ago after I had been on a bus and wanted to eat a sandwich but was ages away from a toilet. I couldn't find anywhere to wash my hands, so I ran to the nearest Superdrug and picked this up. My friends couldn't stop laughing at me! Tell me your 'germaphobe' stories in the comments! 

Also in my bag is my shopping list! I cannot go anywhere without having it all planned out. This means that having a pen and paper is always a life saver! I really love list making- *editing me* sorry for the ramble!- and I currently have a whole book full of blog post ideas. Get excited because some of them are truly spectacular!

I have a couple of random bits in my bag. Right now there are tissues and a lipstick. The tissues are from Wilkos and so is the lipstick because I know where to shop! 

Finally, there is my phone! I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace. It's a great phone also it's not an iphone. I feel like as soon as you get trapped in the Apple circle you are never getting out

I hope you all enjoyed this post. If you found it interesting please don't forget to add me to your circles on Google + to see more!

Thanks for Reading


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