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'All The Bright Places'- Jennifer Niven: Book Review!

Hi Guys,

As part of my 'Zoella Book Club' review series, today's post will be my opinions on 'All the Bright Places'. Again, all opinions are my own; please don't take my word for it! Read this book yourself and tell me what you think of it in the comments. 

As always, I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum!

'All the Bright Places' starts with the two protagonists about to jump from a bell tower. As an opening goes,this was definitely thrilling! Theodore Finch manages to persuade Violet not to jump: an action which sparks their firm friendship.

Violet's sister has just died and Finch has been considering suicide for years. Separately, I found the characters to be unique and endearing but together they were a tad frustrating. Don't get me wrong, I thought their friendship was wondefully written but the cliche of 'boy meets girl, boy saves girl' was too overpowering. Finch was way too 'Manic Pixie Dream Boy' which got very old, very fast!

The plot was really nice and I enjoyed it because there was always a new twist. The only criticism I have for it is that the whole book seemed like a mash up of 'Eleanor and Park' (by Rainbow Rowell) and 'Paper Towns' (by John Green). I like both of those books though, so it wasn't a problem for me!

Finally, the hype! This book has been spoken about and reviewed so many times: everyone seems to love it! I think the fact that I had such high expectations might have ruined it a bit. I was fully expecting to cry but was (slightly) disappointed that I was dry eyed the whole way through! If the 'tear-jerker' factor was putting you off, then I would definitely read it!

Altogether I liked this book. It was typical YA which I normally enjoy. My only criticisms are that I feel the characters and plot have been done before but the beautiful writing and some unique touches still make it an enjoyable read.

Again, please tell me in the comments what you though of 'All The Bright Places'. Click here if you would like to see my review of 'Billy and Me' Also, don't forget to add me to your circles on Google + to show your support!

Thanks for Reading


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