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Sibling Tag!

Hi Guys,

Today I'm going to be doing the sibling tag with my sister!! Hii! That's her font by the way! Now that you've been introduced, let's get on with the post!
1. Who is the oldest?
 MEEEEE!! Ok, you, by fours years! MEEEE!!

2. What do you like and dislike about your siblings?
That's a bit savage, isn't it? Yeah...*awkward laughter* Eugh, what do I like about you? I like your hair and *way too long a pause* I like your flair for writing! Aww, thanks. Like you read my blog... anyway, I like that you're nice to me-sometimes! *gasp* And I dislike that you're not nice to me sometimes! I dislike how grown up you are *disgusted look*.  

3. What do you and your siblings have in common?
Our face! Yeah, and we're both incredibly pedantic! Yesss, we're both pedants! We both get easily irritated... but you more than me!

4. Funniest memory?
*Laughter* *Stupidity* That all seemed funny in the moment but now... Some of them you don't really want to put on the internet *good example* Yeah, yeah. Hang on, we must have one. *weird laugh*  When we were playing Articulate and you thought that 'New Years Eve' in Scottish was just 'New Years Eve'(it's actually Hogmanay) but in a Scottish accent! *Sarcastic Laughter from me!*

5. Most memorable argument?  
The only one I can remember, right now, is whether or not Ariana Grande's new album is good. And the answer is yes! *Asks Mum for a better one* We've never actually had a big argument!!

6. What do you and your sibling do for fun? 

 Nandoooosss!! We play speed a lot (it's a card game). But also Nandos. We do go to Nandos.

7. Describe each other in one word.

Stupid. *gasp* I'm gonna go with persistent. *Long pause* Awww there's so many! Is that your excuse for not being able to think of one? No!! *maybe* Caring...Intelligent...Sensible. Sensible's a bit boring though isn't it?!?

 8. Favourite inside joke? (Explain?) 

The only one I can think of right now is 'Oi you sandal, go handle vandal the panhandle.' Which was from an episode of Legend of Tomorrow.*dad chimes in* Ohhh yeah! *Sisters name* hates that! Baisically whenever anyone looks angry on TV I'll say 'me when someone says Pizza Hut is better than Nandos'. We just like taking the mick out of people who say 'cheeky Nandos' *joint cringe*.

  So, that's all of the questions that we're going to answer! I hope you enjoyed this post because it was in a different format to my usuals. Tell me in the comments what you thought and please try it yourself!

Thanks for reading


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