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90s Revival!

Hi Guys,

Having been brought up in a house with a lot of 90s influence this season feels like I'm going back home; it's 90s time! I'm so happy that this is the repeated decade because fashion was at it's prime, with girl bands like the Spice Girls and All Saints to guide the way, nothing could go wrong!

SS 16 seems like the perfect time for that decade to heave it's way back in. Last year the 70s was a huge trend and I think everybody has the 'Ella' jeans to prove it! The denim that's brought itself back in this time are the classic pair of dungarees. These are a quintessential in creating the perfect wardrobe because they can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

 The next must have is a chocker! I had a huge struggle trying to find one that fit my neck but eventually I did! This one was from Miss Selfridge and was £8.50. It has a pendant in the middle instead of the all around lace effect which is the classic design. I thought that this had a more 90s vibe because they were Baby Spices signature piece. Can you tell I'm a little bit Spice Girl obsessed?

These hair ties are literally the best! I've been testing them for the past couple of days and I can safely say I love them. I'm not sure if it's just a Yorkshire thing but I call 'hair ties' 'bobbles'. Anyhow, they are great! The little twists make them extra secure for thick hair like mine but also really jazz up your wrists... not as much as snap bracelets but still a lot!

 Body suits! Was it only me who was really confuse when these came out? As a dancer, I have a lot of leotard memories and when the first body suit hit Topshop I was so confused! After extensive research I have found out that they are meant to be for pairing under jeans (or dungarees) to produce a slimmed down upper body. I really don't think that's a good idea. 

1) Why do you need to have the illusion of a thinner body? Yours is fine the way it is! And reason 2) when are these appropriate to wear? I would find it a little awkward to show up to work with a body suit under my trousers.

Finally, I come to the last 90s revival: metallic lipstick! I never expected this to become big again; it has! I really like this because lipstick/gloss is usually really inexpensive so it's a good way of making a fashion investment without all of the cost. My current favourite for this look is Maybellines 'Baby Lips Lip Gloss' in the shade 'Taupe with Me' because it's a great dupe for Kylie Cosmetics 'Heir'.

That is the end of my list. You are now equipped with all you need to know to become the firth member of All Saints... congratulations! Tell me in the comments what your favourite 90s trend was/is. Also, don't forget to hit the 'Add To Circles' button to show your support!

Thanks for Reading


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