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'Billy and Me'- Giovanna Fletcher: Book Review

Hi Guys,
Today I'm going to be reviewing one of my favourite books! I have never written a post like this before; I'm really excited to share it with you. I've decided to make my way through all of the Zoella Book Club reads which I am looking forward to. I will be publishing a review for each of them every three weeks. Stay tuned for more of my recommendations... 

I have striven to keep spoilers to a minimum!
'Billy and Me' is set in an idyllic little village near Kent. Sophie May,a reserved woman, is working in a tea shop: owned by the kindly Molly. With a traumatic past, Sophie struggles with anxiety so chooses to stay close to her home and mother. Her whole life is turned around when she meets Billy, a seemingly ordinary customer, who has an extremely extraordinary life.
 In my opinion, Sophie is a very likeable character. She has flaws and feelings, like any real person, but has just enough charm to make her relate able and a wonderful narrator. For me, Billy was…

My 51 Favourites!

Hi Guys,

I made it to 50!! I am so overwhelmed; I never thought this would happen! Thank you so much! To celebrated I thought I would share with you my 51 favourites. In no particular order:lets get started!

51: Pantene Smooth and Shine Conditioner- Leaves my hair super sleek and shiny.
50: Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher
49: Gabriella Lindley- Her vlogs are literally the best!
48: Google Hangouts
47:DC (the comic books)
46: The name Laurel- It's a great name!
45: Mini Cheddars
44: Fake your Death by My Chemical Romance
43: The Spanish Language- It is so beautiful!
42: America's Next Top Model
41:Australia's Next Top Model
40:Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood
39:Cosmopolitan- I love how there are a lot of articles as well as a big fashion section.
38: DC's Legends of Tommorow.
37: Hairspray
36:Chicago- Musicals are the kind of thing that you love or hate. It's pretty obvious which group I belong to.
35:Having shampoo and conditioner from the same range.
34: Tying my hair up befo…

Sibling Tag!

Hi Guys,

Today I'm going to be doing the sibling tag with my sister!! Hii! That's her font by the way! Now that you've been introduced, let's get on with the post!
1. Who is the oldest? MEEEEE!! Ok, you, by fours years! MEEEE!!

2. What do you like and dislike about your siblings? That's a bit savage, isn't it? Yeah...*awkward laughter* Eugh, what do I like about you? I like your hair and *way too long a pause* I like your flair for writing! Aww, thanks. Like you read my blog... anyway, I like that you're nice to me-sometimes! *gasp* And I dislike that you're not nice to me sometimes! I dislike how grown up you are *disgusted look*.
3. What do you and your siblings have in common? Our face! Yeah, and we're both incredibly pedantic! Yesss, we're both pedants! We both get easily irritated... but you more than me!
4. Funniest memory? *Laughter* *Stupidity* That all seemed funny in the moment but now... Some of them you don't really want to put on the int…

90s Revival!

Hi Guys,

Having been brought up in a house with a lot of 90s influence this season feels like I'm going back home; it's 90s time! I'm so happy that this is the repeated decade because fashion was at it's prime, with girl bands like the Spice Girls and All Saints to guide the way, nothing could go wrong!

SS 16 seems like the perfect time for that decade to heave it's way back in. Last year the 70s was a huge trend and I think everybody has the 'Ella' jeans to prove it! The denim that's brought itself back in this time are the classic pair of dungarees. These are a quintessential in creating the perfect wardrobe because they can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

 The next must have is a chocker! I had a huge struggle trying to find one that fit my neck but eventually I did! This one was from Miss Selfridge and was £8.50. It has a pendant in the middle instead of the all around lace effect which is the classic design. I thought that this had a more 90s …

New and Improved...

Hi Guys,

If you are reading for the first time, hello! I'm Runnerella and if you would like to learn more about me then hit the 'All About Me Tab'. If you have been coming to this site for a while, do you like the new design?

Recently, I've been looking at more peoples blogs; I felt like mine was falling behind. Everybody else had nice tabs and new logos so I decided to update my own. Hopefully you will find navigation a little bit easier.

This change has led to another: I want this space to be more of a community! I would love to come home to a lot of reader feedback and feel like I was making a difference. From now on, don't be afraid to comment on any of my posts. Go back as far as you like to tell me your opinions!

That brings me onto the next change, I have removed some of my old posts. There were a couple which I felt didn't fit my new style or wasn't up to the standard of some of my others. 

My final point is a more sad one... I will no longer be posting …