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My Travel Bucket List!

Hi Guys,

Today I've made another list! Here are five places I want to visit:

5- Sweden: Recently I've seen a lot on the news about different countries globally and Sweden seems wonderful! Apparently, it has the best education system in the world. I would love to see all of the other European cultures and I think that Sweden would be a great place to start!    

4- Broadway: I would love  to see (or star in!) a Broawday musical. I love seeing live musicals: my favourite so far being Hairspray. I've only ever seen them on tour though, so it would be amazing to watch a real Broadway show! I really want to see Legally Blonde!

3- Seville: I'm doing Spanish for my GCSE (although I'm not too great at it!) so would love to experience the Spanish culture. Seville (or Sevilla as the Spanish call it) is the capital of the Andalusia region. One of the most famous landmarks there is the 'Golden Tower' which is meant to glisten! There are so many tourists destinations in Seville too so I don't think it could ever get boring!

2- The Gold Coast: This is a city in Australia and it looks fantastic! It has the most picturesque beaches and I feel like anyone who lives there must have such an idyllic lifestyle. To be honest, anywhere with sun would suit me fine!

1- Milan: Milan is a city in Italy that I've always wanted to visit. When I was younger someone told me that it was the fashion capital and it seems to have stuck with me! Whilst researching I found out that there is actually a Fashion Influence scale and Milan placed second (after Paris!). Also, it's in Italy which means Gelato! 

Thank you so much for reading! Tell me in the comments where you'd like to visit!

Thanks for Reading


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