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Daily Blog! 30-04-16

Hi Guys,

Today I'm going to be trying out a new idea! I watch a lot of vloggers on Youtube and I think it's really interesting to see what people do in their day so I decided that I would do the same but in the form of a blog. I haven't seen anyone do this but if you have please link it in the comments because I would love to see everyone else's format. Let's get started!

8:00- I woke up! I didn't even have my alarm clock set. It was so weird; I checked my alarm at 7:59 which was crazy!

8.10- I went downstairs and ate my breakfast.I then finished watching an episode of Merlin. I got the full box set for my birthday last year but never got around to watching any. I've just started and am really enjoying it!

9:00- I decided to get back into bed, finish my book, skim through last months issue of Comsopolitan and watch the new Estee Lalonde video. I love Essie's channel because it is so genuine, I bet she'd be great to be friends with!

9:30- I got washed and changed out of my PJs so I could start taking pictures for my blog.

10:30- I started to read 'Out of Sight, Out of Time' from the Gallagher girls series. It's the fifth book but the whole series is great so I recommend them all! I got a bit hungry so went and made myself a crumpet too!

10:45- I got ready for my dance lesson. I do modern and tap on a Saturday and lyrical on Thursday night. We're preparing for a show which I'm pretty excited for!

12:50- I went to McDonald's after I'd finished and got an Iced Caramel Frappé.

1:25- After I'd eaten my lunch (which wasn't from McDonald's- I'm so healthy!) I got in the shower. I've been really loving the Imperial Leather Fruit Salads shower gel. It smells AMAZING!

2:00- When I was finished, I put the last 40 minutes of Australia's Next Top Model on. I love all of the 'Next Top Model' franchise. It is a little mean but really funny to watch!

2:45- I did homework/revision for the next hour or so. I really enjoy doing homework! For now, my load isn't too full but I know it will increase in the next year. I'm ready for it! 

4:00- At tea we had beef stew. Classic Yorkshire meal! After that I got ready to go grocery shopping.

5:35- We left the house at about quarter to five but were back by 25 to six. The shop we went to have stopped selling sponge pudding! I'll just have to find something else to smother in golden syrup!

6:10- After I had gotten another shower I did a work out. I do this everyday and it makes me feel really strong! I normally just copy ones from Blogilates! I use this time to watch Glee too. I've been downloading it from Sky box sets and I love Quinn!

6:25- From now I just relaxed! This included watching Angie Tribecca (which was hilarious!), BGT and uploading my Saturday post.

10:30- I read for a bit before I went to sleep but I turned my light off at about half past. 

 That was my day! I hope you enjoyed this format. It was really fun to put together and I am considering making another! If you would like to see more of my posts add me to your circles on Google +.

Thanks for Reading


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