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Happiness Tag!

Hi Guys,

Today I'm going to be doing another Tag! I'm not sure if anyone has tagged me but I've seen a couple of people doing it so I thought I would give my answers too...
I normally get stuck in a cycle of reading the same books over and over again! Some of them are really great; a lot are just for the nostalgia. I am currently reading Pride and Prejudice which I'm always happy to pick up because it makes me feel really mature: I never read classics! If I'm just looking for something easy I'll read Malory Towers. It's such a guilty pleasure but I will read all six religiously! I've had them since I was seven and after all this time I will still go back to them- all of their 1940s posh people troubles make me laugh!


Angie Tribecca! If you're not watching it then where have you been! Basically, it's an american 'cop show' parody filled with cheap gags and dumb jokes:what's not to love? I am slightly obsessed with the 'c…

2016 Spring Favourites!

Hi Guys,

Today I'm going to be doing my Spring favourites. I can't believe that next month is going to be the end of Spring. There has literally only been one week of sun for the past 5 months! The weather has definitely not been one of my favourites (why am I always complaining about the weather?!?).

Although, I have been a little cold, I've definitely made the most of the temperature! I've been wearing dresses and even put on some denim shorts- which means that they have to go in my favourites. I can't lie: I did feel a little bit like Taylor Swift!

When I wore them-nice transition- I was on my way to McDonald's to get an Iced Caramel Frappe. They are totally on my favourites list! The new Honey Comb one's are also amazing. 

Next, is the Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser. I've been getting quite dry skin recently; buying this was a great desicion. It smells great and you don't need much to make a big difference. I can already see a huge change in the …

Guide to Eurovision!

Hi Guys, 
Tonight is my favourite night of the year: Eurovision! The continental competition which everybody loves to laugh at. If you are a Eurovish newbie then here are my handiest facts to help you get through the four hours of pure madness!
1) You don't have to be in Europe to compete- Although Euro is in the title, pretty much anyone is allowed in. Israel has been competing since 1973 and Australia joined the pyrotechnic wonderland two years ago for it’s 60th birthday.
2) Nobody else can hear Graham Norton- It's his sarcastic comments which make the program. I honestly couldn't imagine anyone else doing the voice over (though my dad assures me that Terry Wogan was hilarious). The contestants are usually entertaining but Norton's costume insults just add to the hilarity.
3) Everybody votes for their friends- Just think of it like a vote at school: basically a popularity contest. The song could be fantastic but unless your country is near to a big group there is a 1 in …

You Can!

Hi Guys,

Today I'm going to be making a more personal post about my own life. I'm going to be sharing with you my goals and aspirations for the near-and not so near!- future. 

There are a lot of pressure on this generation because we will be 'inheriting the world'. That inheritance reflects us so I want to make an impact; one of my biggest fears is being forgotten. I hate to think that when I'm no longer here I won't have made an impression. Most people believe that to have a legacy you need to have your name in lights: be the Prime Minister, invent something phenomenal, star in an award wining film. I do not believe this is true. One of my goals is to help people- no matter who they are. I don't care if I never become famous: if I make a difference to one person ( even you, by writing this blog!) I will have achieved it.

Later in the future, I would like to go to university. Who knows what course I will study!I really enjoy drama and I take singing and dance …

My Travel Bucket List!

Hi Guys,

Today I've made another list! Here are five places I want to visit:

5- Sweden: Recently I've seen a lot on the news about different countries globally and Sweden seems wonderful! Apparently, it has the best education system in the world. I would love to see all of the other European cultures and I think that Sweden would be a great place to start!    

4- Broadway: I would love  to see (or star in!) a Broawday musical. I love seeing live musicals: my favourite so far being Hairspray. I've only ever seen them on tour though, so it would be amazing to watch a real Broadway show! I really want to see Legally Blonde!

3- Seville: I'm doing Spanish for my GCSE (although I'm not too great at it!) so would love to experience the Spanish culture. Seville (or Sevilla as the Spanish call it) is the capital of the Andalusia region. One of the most famous landmarks there is the 'Golden Tower' which is meant to glisten! There are so many tourists destinations in Sevi…

Daily Blog! 30-04-16

Hi Guys,

Today I'm going to be trying out a new idea! I watch a lot of vloggers on Youtube and I think it's really interesting to see what people do in their day so I decided that I would do the same but in the form of a blog. I haven't seen anyone do this but if you have please link it in the comments because I would love to see everyone else's format. Let's get started!

8:00- I woke up! I didn't even have my alarm clock set. It was so weird; I checked my alarm at 7:59 which was crazy!

8.10- I went downstairs and ate my breakfast.I then finished watching an episode of Merlin. I got the full box set for my birthday last year but never got around to watching any. I've just started and am really enjoying it!

9:00- I decided to get back into bed, finish my book, skim through last months issue of Comsopolitan and watch the new Estee Lalonde video. I love Essie's channel because it is so genuine, I bet she'd be great to be friends with!

9:30- I got washed and…