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Coachella Run Down!

Hi Guys,
This week I'm going to be writing about Coachella. It has been pretty big on any social media but, as I am British, I have not seen any of it live. For someone who is passionate about fashion, the environment must be fantastic; Coachella is where all of the summers trends start!

First off, chokers! I noticed these popping up toward the end of SS 2015 but didn't really get it. I have never been a huge fan of having things really tight to my neck so it's fair to say that chokers were not my favourite trend. After doing more research (and seeing more influencers wearing them) I realised that I was missing out!

I am so glad that chokers have come back, for two reasons. The first- which I just mentioned- is because I missed out last year and the second... they're replacing flower crowns! I have a really small head so in that respect it looks too out of proportion whenever I try to wear one! Also, I do think that they're a little bit tacky (don't come for me!)

Next up was the bikini thing. Now, as a citizen of the UK I am exposed to a lot of things: a multitude of tea brands, competitive rowing and literally two days of summer! This means that for me: bikinis are non existent. Coahcella is held in California so the weather is actually warm! Kylie Jenner came it what has got to be the most interesting one... EVER! If you have not already seen it then please find pictures, it is truly something!

Finally, mirrored sunglasses. I saw these appear on a Youtube video by Evelina (she has a great channel!) and I was wondering where to buy a pair. As it turns out- everywhere! H&M released a Coachella range which includes a great collection of accessories so I would look there if you want a lot of variations! This brings me full circle! 

I think that accessorizing is a key part of any festival so it was imperative that a lot happened in that respect. But, this year more that ever, they made a central part of any look. Does this mean SS2016 is all about jewellery? I certainly hope so! If you would like me to do a jewellery/accessory favourites than please tell me in the comments!

Thanks for Reading


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