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Coachella Run Down!

Hi Guys,
This week I'm going to be writing about Coachella. It has been pretty big on any social media but, as I am British, I have not seen any of it live. For someone who is passionate about fashion, the environment must be fantastic; Coachella is where all of the summers trends start!

First off, chokers! I noticed these popping up toward the end of SS 2015 but didn't really get it. I have never been a huge fan of having things really tight to my neck so it's fair to say that chokers were not my favourite trend. After doing more research (and seeing more influencers wearing them) I realised that I was missing out!

I am so glad that chokers have come back, for two reasons. The first- which I just mentioned- is because I missed out last year and the second... they're replacing flower crowns! I have a really small head so in that respect it looks too out of proportion whenever I try to wear one! Also, I do think that they're a little bit tacky (don't come for me!)


The Blog Tag!

Hi Guys, Welcome to my blog. Today I'm starting a tag! This is something that I have been collecting questions for a while for! Let's get on with the questions:
What is your blog about? : It used to mainly focus on fitness but now I have branched out to lifestyle and fashion!
What is your main source of inspiration?:  For me it can be anything! This post came from the internet but some of my favourite posts have just been from looking what’s happening around me!
How do you make time for blogging?: Blogging has become part of my life! I will schedule things around upload times and I am always blogging in my spare time. I have only just started to build up posts just in case I’m too busy. I am writing this on the 18th of March!
Why did you start blogging and why do you keep blogging?: I started blogging because I would love to be a journalist so this is a great platform. I keep blogging because it’s a great feeling! It’s nice to know that I can sit down at my laptop and somewhere out…

Fun Things For Spring!

Hi Guys,

Today's post is going to be about my favourite things to do in Spring! I hate being bored because it makes me feel super down, so I'm going to be sharing some Spring activities to push away the boredom!

One of the main things that I enjoy doing in Spring is walking ( although I do that every season). The weather is probably getting nicer and as well as being great for your mind- getting out of the house is wonderful brain training!-it's great for your body. Even if you can't get very far, a walk around the block is always entertaining!

I also enjoy Suduko! I know, I know, that makes me sound so boring but it's true. It takes a little bit more brain power than walking (doesn't everything) but I like to buy the easy books! You can get whole books full of Sudukos and I really like the Tesco ones because of the different levels.

Start a blog! This is a bit of a harder thing to do than the other two are but not by much! Setting up a blog is super simple and can…