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Blogging Talk 2!

Hi Guys,

I'm really sorry that I didn't upload on Wednesday. I was at Fame from half five until well after 10! Only a month and a half in and I have already broken my resolution to upload on time. Oops...

As you can tell by the title,the continuous topic through this post will be blogging. Last time I made a post abut blogging I discussed finding topics and followers. One opinion I posed was if my readers would enjoy it... it turned out you did! I got so much great feedback from that post and gained a lot of followers which was wonderful!

I started my blog not to have a huge following base but to develop a writing style and get my opinions out to the world. As my blog has progressed, I have realised how wonderful it feels to check your 'stats'.

If you don't have a blog (or just haven't realised) if you go on to the design section of your blog a menu will come up on the left hand of your screen. There is a section on it that you can click which will allow you to view your stats. It shows you all kind of things; your page views; what countries view your blog; even what browser was used!

It is a really great feeling to look at it all because it gives you such a great sense of achievement and makes you believe that all of your effort is worth while. At the moment I am at 738 page views which is crazy! Thank you so much to everyone who in the past 4/5 months has got my view count to that many! Also thank you to any one who has followed me publicly. It is great that you have helped me get closer to my goal of 14 followers by the end of February!

That was a pretty long post but thank you for getting to the end! I hope you have an amazing Valentines day!

Thanks for Reading


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