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Blogging Talk 2!

Hi Guys,

I'm really sorry that I didn't upload on Wednesday. I was at Fame from half five until well after 10! Only a month and a half in and I have already broken my resolution to upload on time. Oops...

As you can tell by the title,the continuous topic through this post will be blogging. Last time I made a post abut blogging I discussed finding topics and followers. One opinion I posed was if my readers would enjoy it... it turned out you did! I got so much great feedback from that post and gained a lot of followers which was wonderful!

I started my blog not to have a huge following base but to develop a writing style and get my opinions out to the world. As my blog has progressed, I have realised how wonderful it feels to check your 'stats'.

If you don't have a blog (or just haven't realised) if you go on to the design section of your blog a menu will come up on the left hand of your screen. There is a section on it that you can click which will allow you to vie…