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Is Dance a Sport?

Hi guys,

So as you can guess by the title, I'm going to be discussing dance and whether or not it's a sport.

In my opinion, dance is a sport. This is because you need a lot of strength. Many people would disagree with this but, for example, you need a lot of strength in your feet to wear pointe shoes. In addition to this you need pretty strong thighs and calves to support your weight.

It's not just in ballet that you can collect evidence of dance being a sport, in any genre you can find it. For example in modern jazz and Latin the dances are full out and you need a lot of stamina to uphold technique. This is also a component of many stereo typically masculine sports such as football or rugby.

One argument as to why dancing cannot be classed as a sport is that it is not featured in the Olympics. I do not consider this a valid point as to why dance is not a sport. Many other activities that are widely accepted as sports are not featured in that multi coloured extravaganza. 

For example cricket and golf were not featured in the 2012 Olympic games. This doesn't stop people from doubting it's sports role. Rory McIlroy was runner up in sports personality of the year!

And finally, the notion that dance doesn't take any upper body strength so therefore isn't a sport is frankly ridiculous. Lewis Hamilton drives a car for a living yet people don't question his sportsmanship.

All of this evidence leads me to believe that dance is a sport. But tell me what you think in the comments. You don't need a Google account to do it either. Finally, don't forget to follow so I can get ten followers by the end of this month! Thanks!



  1. Give me your opinion on the matter! I'll try and reply to as many as possible!

  2. Hey +runnerella I thoroughly agree with your point, as a dancer myself, I believe that dance is just as physically demanding as any other "sport". A xx


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