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How it all Began...

Hi guys, I'm  Runnerella. I started this blog so I could share my feelings on running, fitness and general fabulousness!

I began running roughly 2 months ago. I started just to get fit and improve my stamina but now I quite like it. The rush of the air, the smell of the sweat, the ache of your dying legs.

It's great!!

So back on topic: today was international Parkrun day! For those of you who don’t know, Parkrun is an international company who organise 5k runs all around the globe. I attend the run in my local park and I’m getting pretty good!

After six attempts my fastest time is 34:30 which unfortunately wasn't today; today I got 34:35. FIVE SECONDS!!

Saying that I was running with a cold…

Thanks for reading, I’m going to be posting on Saturdays and Wednesdays so remember to come back. Also, comment: I’d love to hear your PBs!

Runnerella x